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Our team has a vast experience in education, therapeutics, leading international group workshops, personal development and sexuality education.

The most simple thing to say is; we felt we would have loved a course like this when we were young people, so here it is!


 (Hover over our pictures to read our Bio's or watch our team video below...)


Natalie Peire

Natalie has been committed to the path of human development & spiritual exploration for the past 10 years. She has immersed herself in tantric practices, meditation techniques, embodiment & dance therapies, shamanic initiations, training as a Yoga Teacher, trauma informed Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, and has qualified in Psychosexual Somatic Therapy (PST). 


Natalie has been working 1-2-1 with people of all ages for the last 5 years, co-founded a retreat centre in Brazil, has led Personal Development trainings for corporates and facilitated self-development workshops on Sexuality & Intimacy, from the city of London, to the playa of Burning Man.


Natalie studied BSc Business Management at the University of Birmingham, and started her career at a Consultancy firm in London. Her innate curiosity and love for life has been shaped through her experiences as a carer for her disabled brother, and through supporting both her parents through their journeys with cancer. It is her passion to help others get the most out of their health, human experience and celebration of life.


Komala Lyra

I was born a bit wild, in a tropical country. Nature has always been my refuge. 


In my teens, I longed for something more significant than the daily life of my cultural upbringing. Soon, I managed to leave my birth country. 


Travelling through Eastern and Western cultures, I met extraordinary human beings. I realized that most people often hide true emotions behind imposed limitations and ideas. At the core, we are all the same, we feel joy, anger, fear, emptiness, confusion, shame, bliss, sorrow, tenderness, awe, love…and sometimes laugh, cry, smile, dance, doubt…

I experienced life as a dancer, designer, architect, and anthropologist, as well as, received an intense education in healing arts centered in meditative awareness.


Ayurveda-Yoga-Tantra is my language. This ancient tradition sees life as a continuum learning to surrender to the power of cosmic forces. 


I trust the whisper of creative winds, listen to the passion of my inner fire, relax in the waters of my sensitivity, and bring into manifestation what I see to be possible in down to earth form. I share with others through touch, dance, movement, sounds, words, arts, images...


Sebastien Reco

My real life began at age 19, after a car crash, which induced a Near Death Experience. This initiated 20 years travelling the world in a quest for meaning and truth, a core longing to know who I am.

I met and studied with masters of many traditions, lived with shamans in Amazonia as well as in tantric communities, experienced multiples rites of initiation, transformation, destruction and rebirth.

I’ve studied and/or graduated in computer programming, anthroposophy and Steiner/Waldorf education, bodywork, philosophy, jewellery design and creation, yoga and mediation, not to mention the multiple courses/training/retreats I've gone through.

But truth being told, all that is just a story that my mind likes to entertain.

It is what I’ve done, not who I am!

"Who am I?" is a much more profound question, which calls in more depth of self-reflection and where words don't do justice.

I'm going into the simple but yet so deep answer: I am that I am; which probably remain the best answer.

I am a lover of life, a wanderer of the mystery, an investigator of the unknown and unseen, a seeker of truth and a hunter of lies, an explorer of the possibilities, a defender of the less wanted point of view.

I am a contradiction that embraces the paradox and denies the single perspective.

I am the experiencer of all that comes to and through me.


Arun Thompson

Arun is an emotional intelligence coach and facilitator who's on a mission to give people the self-understanding they should have got at school. He combines psychoeducation and transformative experiences to empower people with the practice, knowledge and tools to make living a rich, loving and playful life simple.

He began his journey studying psychology at BSc and MSc level at University of London, Goldsmiths, before taking a life changing trip to Latin America where he stumbled across a self-development retreat centre where he created, managed and facilitated retreats for radical change.

For now, Arun is based in Ericeira, Portugal and works 1:1 as well as hosting various online courses. 




10th Sept


5 weeks

Interactive Online Course

ages 16 to 21 years

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